Gets Hacked

In the news recently many of you have learned that the very popular crowd funding site has been hacked into. According to reports no credit information was stolen. What was stolen was email addresses, phone numbers, physical addresses, and other account details that consumers have listed in their accounts. Are you at risk? While no financial information was stolen the information that was stolen could certainly be a gateway to more. Kickerstarter recommends changing your password upon logging in. HCP recommends you do the same and if you happen to be using common passwords any other sites that share the password you used on

Again you should always have a seperate password for each site that requires one. Try making these passwords as dissimilar as possible, as hackers these days look for patterns in passwords. If passwords have become a nuisance for you, look into using one of the popular online password managers such as 1password rather than take the easy way out and fall victim to lost information later on.