IT Diagnostics


The next step in proper computer consulting is determining where a business actually is with its IT operations. HCP will use its IT diagnostics tools to look at your current IT operation and its needs. HCP will go through your business and operations, looking over the current IT infrastructure and examining both the software and hardware currently implemented.

Understanding the infrastructure only tells half the story. As part of our computer consulting, HCP will also interview key personnel in your business to determine your needs. After this analysis, a report and presentation will be given to your business, outlining your IT operations’ status, the opportunities from which your IT operations might be able to benefit, and future recommendations for your IT operations.


HCP has the tool to do a diagnostic test of your network. Testing a network’s capabilities requires the correct tools combined with the expert knowledge of network devices, devices such as firewalls, Switches, VLANs, and VPN’s. HCP’s expertise makes us an ideal IT partner for your business.


Your workstations can have many types of hardware failures. Motherboards, video cards, hard drives, and many more hardware problems occur on your workstations. Our experts can diagnose these problems and recommend the needed solutions.


Servers have many of the same problems with motherboards, video cards, hard drives, and other hardware problems. The difference with a server is those servers are running your company. If a server goes down because of a hardware issue, that affects your whole company. Finding these problems early in the process with our monthly server support helps alleviate the problems that may happen during business hours.


Windows and other operating systems run the workstations and servers we use every day. Ensuring that your operating systems are up-to-date and secure is part of the diagnostic process. HCP experts know the Windows operating systems and can diagnose problems that are slowing your business down. We keep Windows running, so Windows keeps your business applications running.


Printer issues can be network-related or hardware related. HCP technicians can help you diagnose if the problem with your printer is the network or hardware related. We can also help you come to the right printer solution for your company.


We have computers and servers for our business to run applications that run our businesses. The applications we run have to be able to communicate with each of our employees. This means that HCP has to diagnose how those applications work in your environment. Working with your vendors, we can find many of the problems with the application or the network.