Wireless Network

A proliferation of devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets has made wireless local- area networks a crucial component of any business. Let HCP Computers Inc., which has operated for more than 25 years in the greater Bangor, Maine, area, increase accessibility, flexibility and productivity, and therefore profits, with just such a network.

Convenience of a wireless network (WLAN)

When considering the convenience of your wireless network, a business owner will have to decide if the wireless network is a convenience or necessity. Many companies offer wireless as a convenience to employees and customers. Such a wireless network will have different network needs from a wireless network upon which a business is dependent.

A business wireless network is a network that has devices that are dependent on the wireless network. When your business wireless is crucial to your business functionality, then a design of the wireless network becomes crucial to your success. The design of a wireless network depends on the types of devices that will be connected the network. As a business owner, you have to decide how your network is best used. Is your wireless network for your customers or your employees? Does your wireless network need higher speeds? What type of security does your wireless network need? HCP can help you decide the type of network that should be used in your business.

Wired Network (LAN) vs Wireless Network (WLAN)

In the business environment, a wired network is always preferred over a wireless network because a wired network will always provide a better network connection. That being said, if the wired network is the preferred type of network for business purpose, there are still other decisions to be made.

Wireless Devices — There are many types of wireless devices today, almost all of which can connect to a wireless network.

Redundancy in successful wireless deployment — A wireless network can have gaps in coverage. The goal of designing a wireless network is to remove those gaps by having overlap wireless coverage.

Wireless Internet — Some internet providers have wireless networks that allow Internet access to locations that would not have internet.

Wireless Security — Security in a wireless network is important because your signal is available to everyone within range of your network. Without security, anyone could access your network and your computers.

Proper planning and implementation of a wireless network can be a great boon for your company, while an improper setup can lead to frustration and downtime. Let HCP make the difference for your business.