Virus Removal

It is essential to have an antivirus solution in place on all systems in a business. A never-ending cyber-war is going on between those that create viruses for systems and those that protect these systems. In the marketplace, there are many different types of AV solutions.

Bangor, Maine based HCP has years of experience figuring out which system works best for a business, then correctly installing and upgrading these AV solutions when needed. Don’t be caught one day with viruses running rampant through your business network. Let us take a proactive step in protecting the valuable systems your business has.

There are many different types of viruses computers can become infected through. Some of those viruses are ransomware, worms, trojans, rootkits, email viruses, and others. There are many products on the market to be used to combat these never-ending attacks.

Here are some common threats:


Ransomware encrypts the files on your computer so that no one can use them. After your files are encrypted, you can either lose them or pay the ransomware to restore them. Ransomware can be prevented with anti-virus software and a backup solution.


This is a self-replicating program that works its way through your computer and computer network.


This virus appears to be a normal program, but it releases software to collect data from your computer to send it to a source when executed. These are often used to collect banking or other personal information.


This virus attaches itself to the root directories of Windows. Rootkits are often difficult to remove. They can destroy important system files, leaving your computer unusable.

One of the safest ways to prevent viruses is to use caution when browsing the Web by only going to websites that are safe to use. Another safety precaution is making sure a firewall protects your network. Firewalls help to protect against many attacks.

If something malicious slips into your business network, HCP can track that down as well. Our veteran technicians employ a series of proven techniques to ferret out malware and viruses that threaten your data and obstruct your business network. In short, if your network was not protected, HCP can help to restore its health.