Spam Filter


Today, email has become an integral part of most businesses. Users rely on email daily to communicate or receive information important to them. Sometimes these communications are unnecessary or unwanted.

These emails are what are referred to as SPAM emails. To effectively use email systems without sorting through thousands of bulk junk emails each day, your company needs an email filtering solution.

HCP has a powerful solution that is effective at filtering 98% of junk mail. We use this system to provide our email filtering service. We take care of the hard work in filtering junk emails.

SPAM Filter Controls

Spam filtering is about the controls that you have to filter your emails. Filters are designed to search for content in your emails to determine if the email is spam or not. These filters are controlled by the tolerance of spam you desire within your emails. You have to decide what level of filter is acceptable for your company before losing your important emails.


Spam filtering is all about your emails. As we do business, we begin to collect an array of emails that find us. These emails can because difficult to manage as we receive junk mail. The purpose of spam filtering is to make email manageable for businesses. The more time that is wasted viewing spam is less time working on our business functions.

Balancing Spam vs. Emails

Emails are an important part of our daily work processes. Spam can slow down those daily work processes. To help control the amount of spam a user receives in a day, the spam filter scans the emails for phrases or words that indicate spam.

These scans are controlled by telling the filter the acceptable level for email content in your environment. There must be a balance between spam emails and business emails. If your employees are not receiving important emails, then the spam filter could be too high.

Considering Spam Filtering

When considering spam filtering for your company, you must look at the time your employees send emails versus their productivity. For many companies, this becomes a need because of the many spam types that come through a company. HCP can help you determine the right spam filtering for your company.