Computer Sales

As a part of HCP’s computer service and support offerings in the greater Bangor, Maine, area, we sell equipment from Dell, Microsoft, Cisco, HP, and other vendors. We sell computer equipment like desktops, workstations, tablets, laptops, switches, firewalls, routers, wireless access points, and servers. If you require a specific product or are not sure what device or product you need, let us know. We will work to find the right solution for your need. Here are some solutions we offer:


Desktops are a consumer-grade product. Desktops are for everyday computing. This type of product is recommended for homes.


Workstations are a business-level product. Workstations are designed to work in a business environment. Workstations are built with better components to handle the increased load of a business environment.


Laptops also have consumer-grade and business-grade products. Laptops are best used for employees that need to change locations often.


Switches come in many grades of quality and design. The greater the quality of a switch, the more reliable the switch will be over time. Switches are often a neglected component of a network that requires attention from time to time.


This is the protection for your network from the Internet. Firewall-use rules tell your network what access devices can have inside and outside your network.


Routers collect information from the network to direct calls to the next router or computer.

Access Points

Access points allow wireless communication on your network.


Servers are the heart of a network. Servers allow network computers to talk to each other to allow the network to use its resources in the best manner.

Using the initial computer-consulting evaluations and plans as a guide, HCP will help you select, order, and implement IT equipment for your company. No longer does your company need to wade through the endless options for any IT problem or issue you may be facing. Throughout this entire process, we work with your staff to make sure these new systems will work effectively for your business and its goals. We believe in effective integration after developing a computer system for your firm.

There are usually numerous add-on devices or upgrades that a business can add value to an already present system. If your company requires a new type of functionality with a pre-established system, an add-on is likely from the same company that produced the hardware or by a third party. HCP can take a look and figure out what would work best for your business.