Computer Backup

_MG_0113Computer backup is the most commonly overlooked action that can eliminate many problems when dealing with IT infrastructure. Most companies are good about creating a backup solution that works for them but aren’t so good about making sure the backups actually work. Based in the greater Bangor, Maine, area, HCP Computers Inc. offers backup services that will take care of this for your company.

We offer incremental and full backups of all systems deemed necessary to have a backup in place. We set up a schedule for backups that work in line with how your company operates and create a plan that would be most beneficial to your network. We then take care of the sometimes-tedious job of making sure these backups will work when needed most.

Full Backups

Creating a full backup for your business computer network is an important part of your business solution. Full backups provide your business with the confidence that when you lose data, it can be restored. Running a full backup on your computer network means capturing all the data on your network. This type of backup is often run on the weekend because it’s time to backup all of your data.

Incremental Backup

We perform incremental backups are in addition to the full-backup solution. Incremental backup adds additional files to the full backup to create a complete backup. Many incremental backup solutions provide either daily or hourly backups. Completing an incremental backup ensures that your business file is safe between full backups.

Scheduling Backups

Schedule time for your business backup solutions is important to the way your business operates. The importance of scheduling the backup is a matter of the importance of the data you want to protect. Full backups should be done every week.

Weekends are a good time to schedule full backups. Incremental backups are scheduled according to the importance of data on your systems. If you must minimize the risk of data loss (your files), you may want to consider the hourly backup solution. Daily incremental backups are the most common solution among small businesses.

Business Backup Solutions

Choosing a backup solution for your company is about your risk management. Your risk management is about the price of the solution and the value of your data. The more valuable your data is on your network, the more you will want to spend on a backup solution.

Backup solutions for hourly backup often come with a price equal to the task. Also, in today’s age, with computers needing to be on-demand most of the time, it’s only a matter of time before a disaster happens. This could be a disaster as simple as a hardware device in your server failing or could be as extensive as a natural disaster that destroys your IT infrastructure.

For your business to get back on its feet as quickly as possible, you need to have a disaster recovery plan, including computer backup, implemented. HCP Computers Inc. will take care of this frequently-overlooked piece of IT operations for your company. We will evaluate, design, and test a disaster recovery plan that takes care of your company in the range of scenarios stated above.

HCP will then take care of the process to implement this disaster-recovery plan. We will make sure your company continues to run no matter the tough times thrown at it concerning your IT operations. Contact us today to get started.