Software Installation

Operating Systems

What are operating systems? They are the main software that makes a hardware device work, whether it is as simple as a laptop or a device as complex as a server. Here at HCP Computers Inc., we have more than two decades of experience in installing and configuring Microsoft software-based operating systems. This includes all Microsoft server-operating and workstation-operating systems. On most hardware, it’s easy enough to install these software operating systems. The key then is to correctly configuring these systems, which is often a complex and time-intensive task. Let HCP, based out of the Greater Bangor, Maine area, take care of this for you.

Windows updates

In dealing with Microsoft software operating systems, it’s not just enough to correctly install and configure the operating system. There are always patches and updates that address generic issues with the operating system, or important security-related patches that make the operating system more secure. These are released from Microsoft on a schedule each month. Often, these patches require a restart of the system after installation. This is often a time-consuming task. Let HCP’s technicians complete this task, allowing you to spend this saved time on other, more crucial areas of your business. Every few years, Microsoft releases new software operating systems for servers and workstations. After a period of time, older operating systems come to what Microsoft calls “end of support” or “end of life.” This means no more new patches, especially security-related ones, will be released for the given operating system, leaving one with out-of-date and unprotected systems. It is critical to stay on top of systems that are not “end of life.” Let HCP handle the complex task of updating and installing these operating systems on all of your workstations, laptops, and/or servers, so you’re not caught some day with a major security flaw in your business’s IT infrastructure.


Java can be a critical part of a business today. Many modern software companies write their software with Java. If software companies use Java, your company will need Java to run the software. This means that HCP has to manage the updates of that software. Java can be a critical part of your business.


Adobe has many products that help businesses to run effectively. Some of the software used by businesses are Reader, Flash, and Air. Managing the updates to these applications is important to your business needs. HCP will manage those updates to help your company stay on track.

.Net Framework

.Net Framework is a Microsoft software that is used in many software products. Many practice management and electronic health care system use the .Net Framework as the basis of their software. In these businesses, the management of .Net Framework becomes a necessity. HCP is here to help your company manage .Net Framework and work with your software vendors in managing their programs and ensuring the .Net Framework works for you and not against you.


There are many anti-virus software options in the market today. As a business owner, it can be difficult to decide which anti-virus system is best for your business. HCP will help your business decide the best solution for your business, but we also recognize that no anti-virus finds all viruses. In the battle against computer viruses, HCP always has several types of anti-virus software to aid any software that your business is running.

Company-specific software

Many companies as they grow have to purchase industry specific software. This software is geared towards that industry and requires attention for the software vendor. Oftentimes the vendor terminology is not easy to understand, but HCP can help turn the vendor conversations into action. This helps you keep your business up to date without having to be the expert in vendor software.

Accounting software

Accounting is an important part of every business. Accounting drives many of decisions we make in our business. QuickBook, Peachtree and Sage accounting software are some of the accounting programs important to businesses. Our technicians’ experience can help you deploy and manage these critical business systems.