Computer Consulting


Operating out of the greater Bangor, Maine area, HCP Computers Inc. offers a variety of computer-consulting services. Whether your business is small or large, HCP can accommodate you. We look at computer consulting as a way to inform you of what your company currently has in place, what services you might need, and what recommendations would be good for the future. We offer the reports we generate to your company as a plan. After our evaluations, your company is not tied to our recommendations nor necessarily our company to help you, as many other types of consulting companies will require in their contracts. However, if you choose to follow our advice and use us as a facilitator in implementing our recommendations, we would be more than willing to help. The following consulting services are available:

  • Business Diagnostics
  • IT Diagnostics
  • Software Selection and Implementation
  • Equipment Selection and Implementation

Business Diagnostics


An important first step in computer consulting is determining how your business operates. HCP will accomplish this first step by looking at your current business practices, policies, and procedures. From this initial analysis, HCP can determine where your strengths and weaknesses are, and how HCP will be able to accommodate your business while trying to meet your goals. This will also help determine, from a business standpoint, where you are now and where you could be. Accompanying this business diagnostic will be a report and presentation to your business about status, opportunities, and recommendations for the future.

IT Diagnostics

The next step in proper computer consulting is to determine where a business actually is with its IT operations. HCP will use its IT diagnostic tools to look at your current IT operation and its needs. HCP will go through your business and its operations, looking over the current IT infrastructure, and examining both the software and hardware currently implemented. Understanding the infrastructure only tells half the story, though. So, as part of our computer consulting, HCP will also interview key personnel in your business to help determine your needs. After this analysis, a report and presentation will be given to your business, outlining the status of your IT operations, the opportunities from which your IT operations might be able to benefit, and future recommendations for your IT operations.

Equipment Selection and Implementation

A complaint frequently heard about technology-hardware vendors is that they have undersold or oversold equipment to their customers. HCP’s goal is to find the right fit for our customers. HCP has more than 20 years of equipment and hardware experience. As a computer-consulting company, HCP will use its business and IT diagnostics to first establish what equipment you currently have in place. HCP will then use this analysis to determine if you have the appropriate equipment already or if there are areas in your current implementation that need improvement.


HCP’s computer-consulting service will look for what your company is lacking in IT equipment and then what available IT equipment on the marketplace will fill this void for your business. We have many years of experience in all types of computing hardware. This includes network switches, firewalls, routers, and wireless systems. We deal mainly with Cisco, the industry standard company, for networking equipment, but can take a look at anything your company might propose. Frequently, companies will buy new networking equipment or computing equipment and not use anywhere near the equipment’s potential. This starts with correct configuration of these pieces of equipment. HCP will customize these devices to the needs of your company while extracting all the business value possible out of this equipment for your company. HCP is not just a set-it-and-forget-it type of company in regards to equipment selection and implementation. HCP will work with your business and staff through this entire process to keep the equipment selection and implementation on a path that works for your company.

Using the four components of computer consulting above, HCP can accurately determine and help your business to accomplish its goals and mission. While we operate primarily out of the greater Bangor, Maine area, we do welcome business throughout the state of Maine. Please contact us and we’ll see what we can do for you.

Software Selection and Implementation


Through the initial computer consulting, business diagnostics, and IT diagnostics, HCP can help your business determine an appropriate software selection and implementation path that will ensure your business meet its goals. There are a few common complaints with software vendors: bad customer service, features that don’t work, misleading pricing, confusing service agreements, poor post-purchase support, too many options to decide on a solution, and finally that the software solution doesn’t end up fitting the business. HCP has many years of experience in the process of properly evaluating and testing software solutions in the marketplace. HCP knows which solutions work and which ones don’t. This experience is invaluable in creating a software-implementation package that will work for your business, thus mitigating these types of complaints. HCP is not one of those companies that will pick the right software and then leave the rest of the work up to your business. HCP will work with your staff through the entire process, to keep the software-package selections and their implementation in line with what your needs and goals are, while making sure they actually do work in your environment.