Business Switches

In a business network, switches are used to connect computers, printers, and servers within a building or campus. A switch is a controller that allows networked devices to talk to each other efficiently. Through information sharing and resource allocation, switches can save businesses money and increase employee productivity. Based in the greater Bangor, Maine, area, HCP Computers can show you how this is done.

Managed Switches

Managed switches are a part of the security of a business. One purpose of a managed switch is to lock down ports. This means that the port is turned off from unauthorized use for users on a secure network.

Managed switches also control the VLANs of a computer. This allows a company to separate network devices. Managed switches give you the ability to manage your resources and secure against attacks on your network.

Unmanaged Switches

An unmanaged switch is an ordinary switch. It is common for most businesses to use a type of unmanaged switch. Unmanaged means anyone can plug into the switch and connect to the network of that switch. Unmanaged switches are easy to implement but don’t allow any security on the network.

Switch vs. Router

HCP can explain the difference between switches and routers. A business network is made of switches, routers, servers, workstations, cabling, and modems. Modems are the devices that translate the different mediums (DSL, cable, or fiber) into the medium (Cat 5 or Cat 6) used on your network.

The router/firewall takes the data on the network and routes it to different computers or switches. Routers and switches have different functions, but some functions are the same. Many Level 3 switches provide some of the same functions as the router.

Both routers and switches have to be used in the network. Still, the crossover in functionality helps to increase the speed of the network. Switches and routers make up the backbone of your computer network.


Bandwidth is often misunderstood in the world of networking. We often wonder why our networks are running slowly when running a gigabit link to the servers and 100 MB to the workstations. What is often not considered is your internet connections. Businesses may underestimate their bandwidth needs to the Internet, which leaves a bottleneck in your network usage.

Choosing the Right Switch

Switches and routers start all business communications, from data to voice and video to wireless access. They enable your company to increase productivity, trim business expenses, improve security, and customer service. Contact us for help choosing the right switch.