Mark Holmes


Interests: Spending time with family, canoeing, fishing, and camping

More About Mark: Mark is the founder of HCP. He works primarily in a sales and consulting role, filling in on technical projects when needed. His first exposure to computers was in high school when he learned to write code on an old teletype machine. Once bitten by the computer bug, Mark has been involved with computers as they went from an expensive business machine to a common household item. He is active in the community serving on the town planning board and volunteering at his church. Mark enjoys fishing, canoeing, and taking trips with his wife.

Geoff Dapice


Interests: Geoff enjoys spending time with his family, helping with his son’s Boy Scout troop, and volunteering in the community. He lives in Brewer with his wife Deedra and their three children.

More About Geoff: Geoff has been with HCP Computers since 1996. In addition to his technical skills, he has been in charge of managing the other technicians. He is moving into a project-management capacity for the company.

Previously, he worked setting up Point of Sale (POS) scanning systems for Hannaford and management in their Welby Superdrug chain. He also worked in customer service and sales for two biotech companies, becoming their go-to person for computer support. He graduated from Colby College in 1988 with a BA in Psychology and a minor in Business Administration.

Greg Gagne


Interests: Photography, hiking, sailing, and working on cars.

More About Greg: Greg is the newest addition to the team of technicians at HCP Computers. He is finishing up a bachelor’s of science degree in Computer Science at the University of Maine. He has gathered experience in networking, software support, and server support in both Windows and Linux environments through various jobs. He has specific computing interests related to the growing cybersecurity field, including application, network, and systems security.

Anthony Holmes


Interests: Gaming, fishing, and playing with his daughter.

More About Anthony: Anthony grew up working with computers. He has been with the company for three years. Anthony has experience working with different accounting software, networking, server installs and backup systems. He enjoys learning new things and figuring out solutions for people.

Mike Theriault


Interests: When he’s not on a computer, Mike is almost exclusively outside enjoying the outdoors doing photography, hiking, and kayaking.

More About Mike: Mike spent a few years working at Sears selling and supporting computers. He joined us in the early 2000s and has been working for us since. He has many years of hardware and software support for desktops, servers, and peripherals.

Dale McGarrigle


Interests: Dale lives in Hampden with his wife Darleen and their two children. He enjoys reading, watching sports, and vacationing.

More About Dale: A longtime journalist in the now near-obsolete newspaper industry, Dale now supports his freelance-writing habit by working in customer service. He recently became HCP’s office assistant, scheduling technicians to help clients in need, writing and editing the HCP blog. He hopes to acquire some computer knowledge along the way.