Apple has a hole

Apple HoleApple is now scrambling to create a patch for a security flaw in iOS7, discovered by researcher Andreas Kurtz, which leaves email attachments unencrypted on iPhones and iPads, so that those can be accessed by attackers using “well-known techniques,” Kurtz wrote.

This isn’t considered a major problem, as it seems that an attacker can’t use the bug to read your email attachments remotely, but Apple is working on a fix now.

To keep your iDevices secure, enable data protection and use a passcode, the longer the better, to lock the device.

The iPhone 5 offers the option of fingerprint authentication instead of a passcode. But the fingerprint scanner can be hacked, as researchers have proven that it’s possible to create a fake fingerprint from a photo of the victim’s print.

A more effective kind of data protection would be two-factor (or two-step) authentication. In addition to a passcode, the institution responsible for the site being accessed will email or text a second, six-digit code which must be entered as well to allow access.

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